Discover Verona

Verona, a Roman and medieval city, in a marvellous natural setting of mountains, a lake and a river: it should come as no surprise that it is the fourth most popular tourist destination in Italy. Discover all its secrets, flavours and traditions through the tour that suits you best.

Learn how to take photographs

Photographs taken with the assistance of a professional that help you keep your memories and the experiences of an unforgettable trip to Italy; every photo will be the best snapshot possible to fix those unrepeatable moments.

Slow tourism on a human scale

Travelling also means getting away from it all, being immersed into a relaxing and regenerating dimension and getting to know not only places, but also people, their habits and customs. A slow and more human experience, to understand the real soul of a place.

Photo Wine Tours

An exciting and original way to discover the Verona area through a photographic and food and wine tour, experiencing Italian lifestyle as it is best expressed.


Home made pasta

In a beautiful setting, led by a chef, you will learn the ancient art of home-made pasta: the most famous Italian product in the world.

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Olive Oil Tour

Age-old olive groves have created enchanting landscapes on the Veronese hills, We will discover them on this tour devoted to the fine oils of Lake Garda and the surrounding areas.

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The Veronese mountains offer breath-taking landscapes. Together we will visit the typical malgas, or chalets, and taste the good mountain milk.

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Romantic Verona

A special itinerary, dedicated to the most romantically-inclined, through the picturesque streets of the city of love with a tasting of wine and local products.

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Is photography your passion?

With me at your side, you will learn, in a way that is both fun and exciting, how to capture the most beautiful perspectives and the extraordinary Veronese landscapes. You will receive your photographic memories at home in a practical digital format, to share and to keep.

Services included in all the tours


The tour includes an itinerant lesson on photography, the post-production of the pictures you have taken and you will receive the postcards with your pictures which you can send to your friends.


The Veneto region through its wines, without a precise geographical order, but where we are guided by the desire to get to know it through one of its finest and most famous products.

Local businesses

Unusual destinations for travellers who are looking for something unique ad exclusive and to discover the people of this rich and fascinating area.

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Made-to-measure tours

I have never liked pre-packed tours, watertight programmes and lack of dialogue. Travelling and discovering have different rhythms and it’s not always at top speed; let’s decide on them together!


Small groups, from Monday to Saturday, with comfortable air-conditioned vehicles. The point of collection will be established each time.

Verona and its province