How do you do, my name is Francesca!

Photography is my passion and my life even before my work: it is the instrument with which I learned to open my eyes and fully appreciate the thousands of hues and beauties of the world. The idea of teaching the fundamental elements of photography going directly into the field, plunging into the beauty of the surrounding areas came from the desire that everyone should be able to do the same.

There is not only the emotion of the discovery, but also the art of being able to capture it.

I work in Verona and Senigallia. Since 2011 I have been a photographer at weddings, events and of still life, with my studio A few years ago, I discovered the pleasure of showing travellers from all over the world the beauty, culture and traditions of my home.

When life brought me to Verona, I was entranced like a little girl seeing everything for the first time. It is a privilege to see a new place through completely new eyes: there are no prejudices or preconceived ideas, only an uncontaminated gaze. It will be a unique pleasure to share your emotion in discovering the marvellous places in the Verona area: from Lake Garda to the hills of Soave, from Lessinia to the moraine hills, from the Arena to Mount Baldo, from the River Adige to Valpolicella!

I apply the rules of photography to everything that I do, paying attention to details, loving what is beautiful and harmoniously combining everything, to create unique moments.

For me the tours have to enrich the senses, real  nourishment for the sight and hearing, with wholesome food and fine wines and the emotions that come from a day spent in good company.

Creative itineraries to discover an ancient tradition of food and wine.

We will visit the places following the history of wineries and age-old vineyards, without a precise geographical order, being guided by the desire to tell the story of the Verona area, through one of its finest products, wine.

All the participants will receive

A notebook guide

The 10 basic rules of photography: tips and advice to take beautiful photos!

Digital photographs

You will receive by email the digital postcards created from your photos on the tour. To print and send to your friends or simply to keep.